Proper mold maintenance extends its lifespan and ensures optimal function. Molds should be serviced before they show wear and tear to prevent permanent damage.  Routine maintenance is cost-efficient and prevents production delays.

Common mold repairs include fixing worn or damaged ejector pins, leaking water lines, and hot runner leakage.  Twin Mold can also perform mold revisions, which involves updating certain components in order to improve the mold’s functionality. Our experienced repair team has the capability to reverse engineer mold repairs without CAD files as a reference.

Repair Process Steps include:

Disassemble the mold

Clean and evaluate moving components for replacement

Replace components if needed

Test hot runner system

Polish and service molding surfaces

The Twin Mold project management team will send status updates and coordinate with you during the entire maintenance or repair process.  We offer different levels of mold repair depending on the anticipated life of the mold and the desired turnaround time. Expedited service is available for simple repairs.

Pickup and delivery of your mold can be handled by our team within Southeastern Michigan.  All repairs are done onsite at our facility in Shelby Township, Michigan.